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Picking the right host for your website.

Don’t just pick any hosting company like the one you saw in that ad somewhere, make sure the host you pick meets at least the minimum requirements as set out by because not all host’s are as great as they claim to be and the last thing you want is to pay for hosting, start building your site, only to find out it’s really slow or doesn’t work right.

But to help you out we have already done some research for you. You can either go through our server (it’s good) or you can choose from one of the recomended hosts listed below if you wish.

You need Hosting?
We got answers!

At Pixelinity Media we offer our very own "FREE" and "PAID" hosting plans.

Compare the difference...
  • FREE
  • PAID
Domain Name
FREE plan gets a sub-domain like (, PAID plan gets a custom domain like (
Custom Domain
WordPress Hosting
WordPress Hosting is the same account interface except that the FREE plan is limited to pre-installed themes and plugins. PAID plan have no limitations.
Default Plugins and Themes
100% Total Control
SSL Certificate
An SSL gives your site security and an https:// prefix. Provided by Cloudflare.
Pre-Installed Plugins
A collection of popular highly recommended pre-installed plugins to help you get started.
Email Accounts
Email accounts are for paid plans only like (
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